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Technical Expertise

We are a boutique development agency that specializes in ReactJS, React Native, iOS and Android applications, as well as augmented reality and virtual reality games and experiences.

ReactJS & React Native

If you're looking for a full-featured web app or cross-platform mobile app, then we've got the know-how to make it happen.

AR, VR, Mixed Reality

Augmented reality ad campaigns, immersive VR experiences, mixed reality games: our developers live for imaginative, boundary-stretching projects.

iOS & Android

We absolutely love solving complex business problems with maintainable, sustainable enterprise mobile apps, engines, and SDKs.

Our Work

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Event Management

React Native

AR/VR/360° Video


3D Mapping


Recruiting and Staffing

We're very technical technical recruiters.

  • We spend days, not hours, evaluating and coaching candidates.

  • We get to know hiring managers to understand their technology, culture and needs.

  • We set the bar high with intense internal vetting before sending candidates through loops.

  • We know the challenges finding quality talent, because we're engineers ourselves.

About Us

We work closely with clients to develop world-class software, augment or expand their internal teams with high-value engineers, and to improve their software development processes by implementing Agile methodologies.

All of our consultants are W-2 employees working in our Seattle office. We are a certified minority-owned business and are active members of the Greater Seattle Business Association and the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

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    FGC is founded

    With a single client, we set out to create an agency truly focused on our best asset: people. We're transparent, egalitarian, fun, and creative. We mean business, but we have a blast.

  • Construction crane


    Growth spurt

    One client became two, then three, four, five. We built games, a mobile indoor-mapping SDK, we helped with the Microsoft Band, built a mobile analytics datastore, turned animated TV episodes into interactive mobile games. We stretched our skills and delivered.

  • Laptop and pen


    Virtual reality, our reality

    With so much OpenGL and graphics expertise, we embarked on a huge AR/VR project with a client. Since then, we've been honing our skills with ARKit & ARCore.

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    Focusing on new tech

    We love learning new tech, and our team began building production-ready ReactJS & React Native applications for SMB and enterprise clients.

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Gen Con LLC
Point Inside

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